Tuesday, January 29, 2013

New Feature: Knottysis

I came across this wonderful Etsy shop yesterday while looking at some of the shops I have in my circle. I noticed this particular shop when one of the shops had placed an item, and the shop this feature is about, in their favorites. In case you can't tell by the title, I'm featuring Knottysis.
I'm including some more info on the creators of Knottysis so you can really get to know the artists behind all this incredibly amazing artwork.
"Hi, I'm Jennifer and Carolyn is my little sister. This past fall we started doing craft shows together. We have both always loved creating things and doing crafts. Ok, so I mostly concentrated on art until recently but Carolyn has always had a huge collection of crafts and supplies. We had so much fun together with the craft fairs we didn't want to stop so decided to keep everything going on Etsy.

I'm a single mother of three, ages 21, 15 and 12. I work full time as a graphic designer and attend Tae Kwon Do (Korean Martial Arts) at least four times a week. Carolyn has been married for ten years and has two beautiful little girls ages 2 and 4. She loves working with wood and finds it to be a good way to relax. She and her girls are very active in her church and attend Tae Kwon Do with me twice a week."
Thank you Jennifer and Carolyn! I think I can speak for everyone when I say that we've enjoyed getting to know you both a little better so we can better understand the artists behind the work. I want to know how you both have the time to be so creative!
Below you will find just a small sample of the beautiful artwork you will find within Knottysis' shop.

I'm including Knottysis' pintrest and facebook links below. This is definitely a great shop you'll want to follow. I can see some amazing potential in this shop, and I see great things coming to Knottysis. Keep up the amazing work ladies!!!



*If you would like your Etsy or Zibbet shop featured please leave a comment with your shop link and follow my blog.
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Monday, January 28, 2013

New Feature: GAGirlDesigns

I've discovered another absolutely adorable shop on Etsy! GAGirlDesigns! If you haven't seen her shop, boy are you missing out!

 Here's a little bit of info on GAGirlDesigns:

"My name is Keri and I'm the owner of GA Girl Designs. I love to create wreaths out of all types of materials. Being born and raised in the south, I also have a strong love of mason jars.

Most of my items are made to order, so no two will be the same. I always tell my customers to enjoy owning a unique piece! Feel free to look around, if I can create a custom piece for you just convo me. Enjoy!"


Thank you so much for sharing Keri!

I don't know about you, but I like the idea of made to order wreaths instead of the storebought ones. The ones I buy in store are usually overpriced and cheaply made. Not only that, your neighbors also buy the same wreath, making yours not seem so special anymore.

I'm posting a few pictures below, with Keri's permission of course, so you can get a small glimpse of what GAGirlDesigns has to offer.

This last one really caught my eye. With Valentines Day quickly approaching this specific wreath drew me into her shop. Great photography Keri! It really grabbed my attention!

GAGirlDesigns also has a Facebook page. If you like what you see here please go to her Facebook page and Like her there too!


*If you would like your Etsy or Zibbet shop featured please leave a comment with your shop link and follow my blog.

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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Luli Lola Shop Feature!

Yay! LuliLola agreed to be featured! I hope you enjoy her shop as much as I do! I asked LuliLola to write a paragraph about herself and her shop. You will find this information below:

"Hi. I'm Carmen and I am the owner behind the LuLi Lola Shop. I've always loved to create cute things, it's just part of who I am. I’m inspired by everything natural and creative.
In my shop you'll find a variety of girly accessories like kawaii accessories, hair clips, hair bows, headbands, pony tail holders and more...
Most of my items are one of a kind or in limited quantities. Enjoy visiting LuLi LoLa Shop:"


Luli Lola also agreed to allow me to post pictures of a few items from her shop.

I personally LOVE the Hello Kitty and Minnie Mouse! Please click the link above to enjoy more items from Luli Lola's Shop! I've found some adorable cupcake hair accessories too!

Thank you Luli Lola for allowing me to feature such a beautiful shop!

If you have an Etsy or Zibbet shop and wold like a free feature please leave a comment below and follow my blog. Thanks! Have a bright sunny day!

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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Coming Soon

I've found the cutest little shop on Etsy this evening! It's absolutely adorable! I've just contacted the shop owner, and hopefully she agrees to a feature! She has a beautiful shop!post signature

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Swagbucks: Jantastic Swagcode giveaway tomorrow Jan. 22

Yup! It's your LUCKY LUCKY day! I found out just today (technically yesterday) that Swagbucks is doing a Mega swagcode giveaway! So if you haven't already, download thier toolbar/widgets you should do so NOW! These helpful and useful tools help you to find swagcodes quickly and let you know if there are any available. Get the toolbar/widget and go grab those swagbucks!! By the way... if you haven't joined swagbucks yet please do so by clicking on the banner above. There's still pleanty of time to get in on the action!
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