Tuesday, April 8, 2014

New Feature: TheAlteredDiaries

Her shop is as wonderful and unique as her shop name. Featuring TheAlteredDiaries, she has everything you need to personalize your life. It's unique. It's one of a kind. It's how you want to describe yourself!

I urge everyone to make time to look around TheAltereredDiaries' shop today. As said in her shop name, she does have diaries and journals, but has so much more in her shop to offer! 

From vintage cards and magnets to tags, cutouts, and notebooks. She's got it all! Everything you need to run your business successfully and have plenty of cards in stock for those last minute "Oh my gosh, I forgot their card" moments. Take a look below as an example:

Shabby Chic Victorian Signs Cards with Tiffany Blue Envies

Amazing Shabby Chic Victorian Signs Cards is what I've chosen from her shop. I love these cards from their uniqueness and that they can be used for anything! Just try and get a store bought card as lovely and unique as these are! You won't be able to. I can guarantee that. There have been times when someone had bought the same birthday card as I had for a birthday party. Talk about embarrassing! I KNOW for a FACT that won't happen with these cards! 

Thank you TheAlteredDiaries for such wonderful pieces of art to incorporate into our daily lives! I LOVE IT ALL! 

You can (and should!) visit her shop today by clicking HERE .

Enjoy y'all!

*I did not receive any monies or monetary gain for this feature posting. All comments are my own honest opinions.*

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