Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Feature of the Day: MsPatricia

WOW. That's all that came to mind when I had the privilege to enjoy this most wonderful shop on Zibbet.

Talk about talent! Amazing Patricia! I always wished I could draw, paint, or even finger painting  that would show what I was trying to convey onto canvas.

Serious talent! See? 

Original Art - Michael - Patricia Ann Rizzo

What a tribute to Michael Jackson! Even better? It's ONLY $20!!!! How sweet is that!?

There are SOOOOOOOOOO many more I want to post, but not enough room. So you'll have to check out her amazing shop NOW while you're thinking about it. Here's the link to MsPatricia's shop, just click HERE

You'll have to see this shop for yourself! There's just not enough time or room to post it all!

*I did not receive any monies or monetary gain for this feature posting. All comments are my own honest opinions.*

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