Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Feature of the Day: Jen's Tangled Threads

I had the opportunity to stumble across this incredible shop on Zibbet today. Which in itself is amazing, since I had a "helper" today deleting my important emails. My 9 week old puppy, Rascal, loves to "help".  His name fits him well, even if we did name him after the band Rascal Flatts.

Let's get back on the subject of the shop I found today, shall we? 

I went through her ENTIRE shop (which is a lot) and there are just WAY too many cute and adorable things I want and (telling myself) need!

Let me start off with this:

Raspberry Pink Book Cuffs - boot socks


Absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!! 

What a brilliant idea! I can SOOOOOOOOOO see myself using these every day, with every outfit, even if it isn't cold! This is just one of those ideas that other people come up with that make me think "How absolutely brilliant! That person is a genius! ....... Why didn't I think of that?"

I highly recommend Jen's Tangled Threads and her quality products. I also suggest you head over to her shop to take a peek yourself. To go to Jen's  shop click HERE.

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