Wednesday, March 5, 2014

New Feature of the Day: acapulco1964

I hope everyone is having a great day as I am! 

I am featuring an adorable shop on Zibbet today. Not familiar with Zibbet? Better get familiar! There are amazing finds on this site!

For example:

fairies hand made quilt

Isn't this quilt lovely?! I couldn't help myself. I absolutely ADORE Tinkerbell!!!! This is the perfect baby blanket for a little girl! Who wouldn't want their daughter to solve problems and be able to think for herself? Exactly! I WANT my girls ( I have three) to think for themselves and be independent! So why wouldn't you want to wrap your bundle of joy in this blanket as a reminder of who she could be?

Yes, she looses her cool sometimes, but don't we all?

Acapulco1964 is also having a GREAT sale in her shop! Right now she has 20% off EVERYTHING!! I suggest you make your way over to her shop now by clicking HERE to snag these great deals!

She's got TONS of stuff to look through! I even found some supplies! With the sale going on most everyting is around $4. Shoot, I found a spool of curling ribbon for UNDER a $1!

I have no idea how long this sale will last, but you better get a move on if you want to snag these prices!

Please remember to comment/follow my blog. You never know what I'm gonna do next! Enjoy!

*I did not receive any monetary gain or monies for this feature. All comments are my own honest opinions.* 

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